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and the art of Meditation

Practice with Me

Find peace of mind through drawing.
Find your visual mantra. 

Develop your artistic voice and improve your mental clarity through
abstraction, mark making and have fun.

​All levels of artistic experience are welcome.
Drawing through mark making

is an organic class format.  It can be taken as a one time learning experience or as an ongoing practice.  The idea of this class is to discuss ideas and explore ways to express them.  Through mark making and line, and
conversation we will create individual languages.

Douglas Gilbert Art

Welcome to my art program. 
I am Douglas Gilbert, an artist who has focussed his attention on drawing as his primary art form.  I have taught art, design and photoshop to high school and college level students throughout the course of my career and love sharing my knowledge with others.  It is with great pleasure that I am offering drawing classes here at my studio at Greylock Works in North Adams MA. 
This class is for those interested in having fun while  learning to express themselves through graphite and charcoal...
using line and mark making, smudges and blurs find your artistic voice. 
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