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hand holding a pencil in front of drawings

a course for beginners.


the fundamentals of

Through the fundamentals of drawing,

learn how to : 

  1. Express yourself through drawing

  2. Find peace of mind through drawing.

  3. Render objects from life and from your imagination.

The Fundamentals of Drawing
a course for beginners ––

is a five session, two hour class that can be purchased as a package or individually.

Class 1:  Intro to drawing
Class 2:  Drawing from observation I
Class 3:  Drawing from observation II
Class 4:  Intro to shading
Class 5:  Shading for volume

Beginners (all ages welcome)

Welcome to my art program. 
I am Douglas Gilbert, an artist who has focussed his attention to drawing as his primary art form.  I have taught art, design and photoshop to high school and college level students throughout the course of my career and love sharing my knowledge with others.  It is with great pleasure that I am offering drawing classes here at my studio at Greylock Works in North Adams MA. 
The program "Drawing, a course for beginners" is specifically geared for beginners looking to expose themselves to one of the most versatile and most significant forms of visual expression.  The skills you learn from the five class series are the very building blocks to exploring art and illustration.


If you have experience with art and want to take a workshop, contact me through the same form and I will be glad to figure out a program that works for you.  
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